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Interview with Mrs. Lucica Benea, Sales and Marketing Manager Surgical Care

The MedTech field is an ever-growing domain, since the digital got mixed in to it, is moving even faster. But what happens when you put the traditional surgical care, next to the new wave of technological advancement?
Let’s see what Mrs. Lucica Benea has to say about that.

Thank you for this interview, Mrs. Benea.

1. What inspired your efforts to perform in med tech and not any other domain?

I’ve started falling in love with med tech many years ago, when I was working very closely with patients for whom, at that time, access to medical care was difficult. I realized that helping others inspires me and makes me a better person. Once the med tech field started to be an area of interest I just gave myself away to this beautiful and challenging environment. I am very pleased with my decision and when I look back now, I am sure that it was the best direction for me. By helping those who are in need, my life has a meaning.

2. What is the biggest challenge you faced in the med tech field till this day?

I think that the biggest challenge is the lack of access to the latest technologies and the lack of creativity when it comes to dealing with everyday challenges. Every obstacle can be surpassed if your goal is to find a more efficient way when dealing with problems.

3. In your opinion is there a difference between how men and women plan their career progress?

When we plan our career path, is a matter of personal choice what we desire, what we want to invest in, what is our personal value system and what sacrifices are we prepared to take, is not matter of gender.

4. Have you encountered any gender specific challenges or obstacles in your career?

Often, women are seen like delicate and fragile persons and the med tech field is associated with power and strength. However, whenever I faced gender specific challenges or obstacles, I was capable to overpass them by using my skills and determination. I’ve never said no to a challenge just because gender specific obstacles could have popped out from somewhere. I think that every NO means “Next Opportunity” and I am guiding my everyday activities after this.

5. What is your biggest goal this year? Professional, personal etc.

Professional, my biggest goal is that through my actions to facilitate the access to high technology for healthcare professionals and patients, to motivate people around me to become the best version of themselves and to feel that together we are building a new fantastic world.
Personal, all I need is to be healthy and surrounded by kind and beautiful people.

6. Do you have any advice for female professionals who are in, or are looking to work in, a management or leadership role?

Working in a management or leadership role is one of the most exciting activities. If you like challenges or looking for something new to do every day, then this is the right way!