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Interview with Mrs. Cristina Miroescu, Compliance Director SofMedica Group

ISO, Corporate Standards, Environmental Procedures, and a lot of other bewitching terms, have the power to bring the sweats on a compliance manager today, in 2020. Let’s imagine just thinking about these terms back in 90’s Eastern Europe, or let’s say at the beginning of the year 2000, you could have been accused of corporate witchcraft. But not everybody thought like this, Mrs. Cristina Miroescu, thought of the future and the compliance measures that will become standard in any company. Let’s see how her world looks like.

Thank you for this interview, Mrs. Miroescu!

1. What inspired your efforts to perform in med tech and not any other domain?

From the very beginning I found challenging to work for a company which was at the beginning of its business journey and I felt that my pharmaceutical background can help here.

2. What is the biggest challenge you faced in the med tech field till this day?

We are facing many challenges; without challenges we cannot grow as professionals. In my opinion the biggest challenge is always the current challenge. One of our current challenges is related to the the EU Medical Devices Regulation which will come into force in May 2020 and with the notified bodies shortage of capacity. SofMedica was the first Romanian company to renew its Operating Permit according to the new legislation in Romania, our group quality management system implemented in all SofMedica entities certified according to ISO 9001 and The 1st Quality & Compliance workshop organized together with our partner Intuitive (NASDAQ: ISRG) at ISLE, Athens in 2019 for people from 14 countries, 5 continents, represented only a few challenges we faced within the last three years.

3. In your opinion is there a difference between how men and women plan their career progress?

A women can sometimes feel social pressure from family or the outside world. Not sure about men.

4. Have you encountered any gender specific challenges or obstacles in your career?

Not at SofMedica but I came across with cultural differences in approaching women at a working place. In many societies today, there is still the mindset that women are the ones who have to take care of family and children, which may create premises for discrimination.

5. What is your biggest goal this year? Professional, personal etc.

This is related to what I consider the biggest challenge mentioned above, modification of our quality management system and obtaining a certification. The biggest personal goal and also challenge is to become confident to let mastery go in favor of autonomy.

6. Do you have any advice for female professionals who are in, or are looking to work in, a management or leadership role?

Work with yourself and discover what you really want to do and what you’re passionate about, support people around you to grow, be an example for others, avoid toxic managerial behaviour, avoid perfection. As Tony Robins said “Perfection is the lowest standard anyone can have – it leaves no room for growth”.