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1st Interdisciplinary Conference of Greek Urological Society

The Board of Directors of the Greek Urological Society has organized the 1st Interdisciplinary Conference, which will be held in Kalamata from 6 to 8 June 2019, totally in line with the new rules that has been set by the EOF, replacing the two-year Panhellenic Scientific Sessions of sub-specialties (www.huasections.gr).

The Interdisciplinary Conference is a new conference, where all sub-disciplinary departments, while retaining their scientific autonomy, will present their own thematic sessions with the latest news in their scientific field.

At the same time, emphasis will be placed on the ability of the departments to collaborate in joint scientific meetings and in the organization of Hands-on-Training Workshops, while all the presentations will be available through e-Posters.

Our company, supporting the work of the Urological Society, will participate in the Conference and in particular will be present in the exhibition area at the booth No 11.