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daVinci Symposium

The symposium organised by Sofmedica with the support of IHS Medical School on the 22nd of June 2017, “New Technologies used in surgery – Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery” took place at International Hotel in Bucharest.

At the event that was credited by the Romanian College of Physicians, the general practitioners attended the presentations held by the team of surgeons from the Central Military Emergency University Hospital “Carol Davila” coordinated by primary care physician dr. Florin Săvulescu. Besides presenting the procedures, they also emphasised the importance of the general practitioners in the decision process and the need for their informing about the advantages that the used cutting edge techniques have for the patients that need surgical interventions.

Being impressed by the presented information, the guests shown their interest for the theme of the symposium through numerous questions that were promptly answered by the specialists from the Military Hospital.