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It’s happening in S Group: Eliso

Water treatment systems can generate savings up to 80% of the utilities cost

Well designed water treatment systems can bring in savings up to 80% of the cost of utilities like water or gas, this type of investment having a payback period of 6 to 24 months, according to ELISO. 

“We are happy to notice that numerous companies started investing in the implementation of water treatment solutions and understanding the benefits brought by them. Together with the beneficiary’s team, we analyze their needs and specific processes and offer technical analytical solutions with financial data, payback periods with short-, medium- and long-term savings.  The advantages are noticeable starting from the first month on the utilities bill (water, gas) as well as in the maintenance costs that can go down to 85%. At this moment, the new technologies are more accessible and the investment cost is not high. However we also provide financing solutions, so that our client can enjoy the benefits of the systems’ implementation starting from the first day without affecting the cash-flow”, stated Kostas Koutsomitros, Sales & Marketing Manager at ELISO, for MEDIAFAX.

According to the company’s representative, “ELISO has recently signed a contract with an important producer in the food industry with the purpose of treating the water used in the entire factory. The new system will provide the required 1.000 m³ of daily treated water and will reduce the costs with over 300.000 euro yearly. The factory’s water expenses will be reduced by over 80%, additional savings coming in as a result of lowering the gas usage in the gas boilers.”

ELISO is a member of S GROUP and is specialized in water treatment solutions that offer qualitative and financial advantages for its clients.  The company covers with its own expertise and specialized partners, all the aspects of water treatment and related processes in the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and office environment. The ELISO portfolio includes companies like Pepsico-Starfoods, Albrau, Chipita, Alexandrion, Delphi, Alumil, Starbucks, Olympus, Biotehnos, Diaverum etc.

Source: http://www.mediafax.ro/economic/sistemele-de-tratare-a-apei-pot-genera-economii-de-80-la-costul-utilitatilor-16204547