SofMedica is member of an education-driven group of healthcare companies which operates since 1994 in South-Eastern Europe (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria & Cyprus).

The companies of the group provide thousands of patients with innovative medical technologies, such as Minimally Invasive Surgery & Robotic Magnetic Navigation.

The group occupies more than 100 healthcare professionals and participates in several initiatives, which aim to create sustainable change for patients in the SEE countries.


Making available Innovative Life-saving Technologies of high quality, safe, effective, efficient, timely to the most remote Patients in Southeast Europe & adding Value to the local Healthcare System by bridging the Distance between the latest breakthroughs of the med-tech industry and the patients and healthcare professionals in the region.



The world is changing really fast.
Big will not beat small anymore.
It will be the fast beating the slow.

Rupert Murdoch

We seek for efficiency.
We find motivation in action.
We use our energy to do things in the right way.


We may have come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We are connected by our values and beliefs.
We empower each other to reach our goals.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


We learn to grow.
We are not afraid to take risks.
We change lives for the better.


Our Group of Companies is present in the South-East European healthcare industry since 1994 providing thousands of patients with life saving technologies such as minimally-invasive surgery, robotic magnetic navigation, and others.

We have a history of 23 Years of Heritage & Growth with ethics, CORE Marketing and Clinical Sales, Solid Financials, and full compliance policy. Our education-driven approach aims to create sustainable change for patients in SEE by bridging the distance between the latest breakthroughs of the med-tech industry and the patients and healthcare professionals in the region. With over 100 employees our Group is investing in people, products and processes. Audited yearly by Deloitte SofMedica has officially been acknowledged as one of the largest state budget contributors in Romania.




SofMedica has developed the Compliance Policy as a resource, to summarize basic healthcare compliance Standards. The Compliance Policy should be read along with the Regulatory, Quality and Environmental Procedures (describes compliance concepts and gives guidance), the Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Standards (provides standards for ethical business practices).

In order to guarantee the safety of the patient and of the user, as well as the performances in using the provided medical devices and technologies, SofMedica Group pays special attention to the selection, hiring, continuous training, as well as to the retention of its personnel, to the implementation and maintaining of the quality management system, the systems for monitoring transportation and storage conditions, to the observance of all the legal provisions in force, to professional ethics, financial sustainability, and to social responsibility.

Please find below the appropriate Certifications for regulatory and other required standards that SofMedica acquired:

ISO 9001
ISO 13485
ISO 14001
YA 1348


To help our customers get the full benefit from using our products and technologies and get the best advice and support, we’ve also set up an experienced clinical and technical service team to help improve our customer’s operations.

This team consists of clinic specialists and highly skilled engineers with a broad range of knowledge in the field of high-end medical devices who are in constant communication with our partners so that they are always up-to-date with every product and technology we provide.

The team offers post-installation support for all our medical equipment and devices, and pays special attention to prevention, through maintenance and periodical inspection of the equipment in order to minimize the costs related to eventual possible technical faults.